How do I order a KIT FamilyTreeDNA?

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2018 12 10 002432

What payment methods do you take? How do I pay for an order?
When placing an order online, you may pay via credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) or Paypal.

If you prefer to pay via US check or US money order, please use our contact form to submit a request to customer service. We are able to take bank transfers from our International customers. Please use our contact form to submit a request to customer service.

Note: We will process tests only after we receive payment in full.

How do I order a KIT FamilyTreeDNA?
Once you have chosen a test, you can place your order through the Family Tree DNA website. You have the option of ordering directly or through one of our volunteer-run projects.*

To order through a project, go to the Family Tree DNA Project Index page. The projects are listed by type and the first letter of the project name. If the group pre-screens members, you will have to submit a join request to the project administrator. The project administrator will then contact you with directions for ordering a kit through the project if you are accepted into the group.

*You do not have to order through a group project, although most Y-DNA tests get a discount if you order through a project.

What are your Terms of Service and Privacy Policy?
Read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

How do I know the order I placed was completed?
After you have placed the order, we will send you a confirmation email. Be sure to check your spam folder if you do not receive the email within a few minutes.

How do you collect the sample for the DNA test?
We use a cheek swab sample and not a “spit test.” You may read more about our swab process here.

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After I return the kit, how long will results take?

As of December 5, 2018, the following tests have delays in normal turnaround times:
Big Y – 10 to 12 weeks

Most of our tests typically take six to eight weeks to complete from the time we receive your sample in our lab, except Family Finder, which is usually four to six weeks and Big Y which is usually eight to ten weeks. Note that pending dates are an estimate only and subject to lab volume and quality control.

After we notify you that we have received your kit, you may sign in to your myFTDNA account to check your expected results date.

Please note that your batch number is not a good indicator of when your test will be complete; this is only an indication of when your test was ordered in our lab.

I tested my DNA at another company. May I transfer my results to Family Tree DNA?
We offer two types of transfers, autosomal DNA and Y-DNA. We are able to take autosomal DNA raw data results from AncestryDNA and the V3 results from 23andme. We accept Y-DNA transfers primarily from AncestryDNA.

To learn more about our autosomal transfers, click here.

To learn more about our Y-DNA transfers, click here.

Is it possible to pay for a kit and send it to another person (third-party billing)?
Yes. We accept third-party billing. When you place an order, you may choose a billing address that is different from the shipping address. Please make sure to read the third-party payment rules on our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

Is it possible to pay for an upgrade or additional test on someone else’s KIT FamilyTreeDNA?
Yes. You may pay for an upgrade on someone else’s kit. The kit owner must first agree and submit their permission in writing to Customer Support through the primary email address on the kit. Customer Support will need to place the order and can assist you with billing. Please contact customer service, and make sure to read the third-party payment rules on our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

Note: The individual may change their mind and have your access to their account blocked. They will need to repay all other parties for any testing before we are able to facilitate their request.

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